Truck Wrap

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Promote your business or brand with our custom truck wrap advertising decals.

A truck wrap is a powerful way to get your brand’s message across – be it on trucks, semi-trucks, cars, boats, or vans. Watch your truck generate profits for you. All the while staying protected and also generating increased visual impressions for your brand. Our truck wrap is laminated, made for durability and supports all makes and models. So go ahead and get your truck wrapped today and watch your brand value reach new heights!


  • Can wrap all major vehicles of all makes and models
  • Professionally installed with laminated printed ensuring durability
  • 74% of motorist are positively influenced by companies and products advertised on vehicles, according to the Interstate Advertising Corporation.
  • Generate more than 600 visual impressions for every mile driven
  • Protects your vehicles’ painted surface and
  • Also protects against harmful UV rays and from scratches, acid rain, chipping, etc.
  • Easily removable

Good to Know:

  • A vehicle wrap is a high-performance, digitally printed, large-format vinyl, tailor-made for your truck's painted surface. This offers you to the convenience of putting virtually any design or photograph that you would like displayed on the side of your truck.
  • Our truck wrap is designed in such a way that it uses the entire truck space, much like a canvas, thus delivering maximum impact.
  • Since the wrap completely covers the truck, it need not match its color.
  • For more economical options, you can also go for the partial wrap and design it aesthetically to match your needs and color of your vehicle.
  • For design options, we are here to help with our team of expert graphic designers who will help you wrap your vehicle exactly in line with your vehicle’s intricacies and your requirements.
  • Each wrap is handled separately keeping in mind the truck’s body type and colors which are then overcome with our customized graphic designs that blend these elements seamlessly in an appealing manner. 
  • Our innovative and unique truck wrap instantly turns your truck into an on-the-go four-wheel ‘flyer’ – helping establish outstanding brand recall and enhanced brand identity everywhere you go! 
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