Flex Blade® (15’) - Custom Printed

  • Overall Height: 15'H
  • Flag Size: 59"W x 146"H
  • Pole Material: AAA Formula - carbon pro combination composite
  • Flag Material: polyester blend fabric
  • Available in a single or double-sided option
  • Full-color digital dye sublimated imprinted flags
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The Flex Blade® ( 15’) with a larger teardrop flag is an attractive addition to your advertising needs with its unique teardrop shape. It adds a creative twist to your brand needs and lets people know that you take your business seriously. We offer a variety of different sizes, product styles and quality levels to assist with almost any budget that are extremely portable and lightweight and can be carried around as per requirement. The flag can be custom designed full-color digital dye sublimated imprint ideal for attracting attention. Our team of experts will design the flag for you which makes it one of the most sought-after product in the market. These custom-made flags can be used for personal events or any other business or advertising needs.


  • Unique teardrop shape and design: excellent visibility in crowds, in any environment
  • 15'H overall height
  • 59" W x 146" H flag size
  • Single or Double-sided imprint
  • AAA Formula - carbon pro combination composite pole material
  • Polyester blend fabric flag material
  • Full-color digital dye sublimated imprinted flags, printed with UV-resistant inks
  • Ideal for indoor display, to sponsor an event, to promote an opening, to launch a product, or increase footfall
  • Works as an outdoor display as well due to its durability and considerable wind resistance. Ideal to attract crowds from a distance.
  • Durable material, ability to withstand winds up to 20 mph
  • Different quality levels, product styles and sizes available to suit varied budgets

Good to Know

  • The wider teardrop banner works optimally to place your brand design, logo or text in a wide area.
  • The higher pole and flag size ensure maximum visibility in a crowd and from a distance as well. The attractive teardrop banner is ideal for your brand, product or design printed on the flag.
  • Full-color digital dye sublimated imprinted flags to be able to stand out and grab attention. The dye is UV resistant which increases its life. It becomes a valuable investment as the material and colors do not fade easily and can undergo multiple exposures to the sun.
  • The durable material of the pole and the flag ensures its stability against wind speed up to 20 mph.

Also available in sizes:

  • 6' H - 26.5" W x 54" H
  • 9' H - 37" W x 67" H
  • 12.5 'H - 51" W x 101" H
  • 17.5 'H - 73" W x 183" H
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