Hanging Banner

  • Available in various sizes.
  • Banner Material: polyester blend fabric
  • Full-color imprint
  • Available in single or double-sided
  • Single-sided polyester Banners have a reverse image on the back
  • Banners finished with white heading and grommets
  • Minimum order worth $250
Availability: In stock

The custom hanging banner’s large branding surface area lets you say more with less.

Invest in some old-school banners that will take you back to school or the good old ships that used to roll out such banners for advertisement. These hanging banner signs are perfect for saving space as they can be rolled up for storage or transport, while the vinyl fabric provides it with the much needed lightweight quality that is important for businesses to cut down on transportation and handling costs.


  • Available in dual side imprints, these custom fabric banners serve multiple uses as you can have different advertising messages on both sides and use either one or both of them depending on where you hang it.
  • The hanging banner on walls stays perfectly in orientation to the surface making it easier for your printed message to be visible.
  • The hanging banner kit comes complete with white heading and grommets allowing you to focus solely on your event
  • Custom vinyl banners are imprinted with high-quality digital dyes protecting it from fading due to UV rays or water.

Good to know

  • Custom Hanging banners are designed for tradeshows, advertising at school events, outdoor and indoor art fairs and business events, etc. 
  • These custom fabric banners hang on one end, taking up minimum space and ease of assembly. They can be used at the entrance of an event in silos, on streets, on the top of your inflatable event tent or hung on a wall. 
  • The high-quality imprints on the fabric bring out the colors on your logo or the message making it easily visible from a distance.
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